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For the Month of March 2017 Pro Line Systems is pulling out all the stops and offering the Industry Respected & Powerful CompuSpot 800HF Inverter Spot Welder at an Amazing price and still includes our Red Carpet program.  Free Shipping / Free Onsite training by our expert factory trainer anywhere in the continental US  And No Sales Tax makes this an unbelievable offer.


Only Six machines are being offered on this special Promo and it will run until March 31st 2017 / These are not stripped down machines they are fully equipped and nothing else to buy. Big 5 Year Warranty too…

 See The CompuSpot 800HF here:  http://prolinesystems.net/compuspot_inverter_spot_welders.html

call_for_price  Reach Us At: 305-793-9503  For Pricing Details

Don't Miss Out Transp



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 photo07We know it’s hard to believe, how a manufacturer can produce such a Top Line  “Intelligent” Inverter spot welder of such magnitude that can even program itself and be able to offer it at the industry’s best value.

AMH Canada has been doing this for decades.

Pro Line Systems Int’l has partnered with AMH manufacturing to bring you a phenomenal Discount Promotion sure to shake up the industry and please your wallet.

Call: 305-793-9503 for details


See Special Offer At Bottom Of Page

Limited Promotion Ends

April 30th 2016


Here are the Facts…

When a manufacturer can engineer, develop, and produce it’s own core parts the answer is quite simple, the savings can be passed on to the customer at a Very Respectable Value…

Check out the Specifications of the CompuSpot 900 Fusion and compare it’s offering to any other “Smart Spot Welder” currently available and see for yourself why there is no better Spot Welder or Value Anywhere.

Compuspot 900 Fusion-2014-2

Quick Details:

  • The 900 Fusion Smart “Auto Set” Spot Welder can automatically program itself with hardly any technician input whatsoever and provide perfect welds every time. Up to 14,000 Amps at the weld tips.

  • The 900 Fusion keeps a saved log of every spot weld that was produced for a specific assigned job showing a Pass or Fail status that can be downloaded from it’s USB port and capable of producing a printout for proper repair verification.

  • A True High Efficiency Liquid Cooling System Circulates cooled liquid throughout the entire machine through a high efficiency Radiator system so temperatures are kept under control all the way to the electrode tips. The CompuSpot 900 Fusion offers the best cycle time benefits so you can continually weld without overheating.

  • Basic and Assist modes are provided for the option of creating weld points and saving them in memory for future repair jobs.

  • The Fusion comes with an assortment of Beryilium Hardened welding Arms that is so Complete it will fit the need of most every spot welding procedure without the need of purchasing additional arms.

  • A Five Year Warranty protects the purchaser for a secure buying experience. Exceptional Tech Support and Training Benefits too.

 Click This Photo To Go To The 900 Fusion Web PageFotor-onstage-fusion
The 900 Fusion Is Awarded Our Onstage Product Classification for High Achievement In Product Innovation, Customer Support, Value And Best Selling Product Status…

Fusion newAMH Canada is a World Class Provider of cutting edge products with distribution around the world.

Learn more about the CompuSpot 900 Fusion and see why it deserves your consideration for your next Spot Welder Purchase.

Our current 900 Fusion Auto Set Spot Welder is now under a Special Discount Price Promotion that you should take a look at and pass this information on to your friends and colleagues.


Click This Ad To Go To The 900 Fusion Web Page 

Fusion Spring Special 2016 jpg-PLScomp22%

Proline logo5 full jpg financing-avail

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Please Watch Our Video


If You see an advertisement please wait for our Video to start.

The two big Automotive convention shows are here again SEMA and NACE, each vying to be the best. But you don’t have to spend all that time and money traveling to Vegas to get the best deals on your Collision Repair Equipment. As a matter of fact you will get the best deals on all auto body repair equipment that we sell on our website with better prices than at the shows. So go to the Pro Line Systems Website here: http://prolinesystems.net and dig into the great products with Special Show Savings just for you. These special SEMA and NACE equipment promotions will be honored through November 22, 2013. We will gladly quote the special show pricing upon request. phenomenal Lease Purchase programs are available with the best rates ever.

Call 305-793-9503 For Pricing and Free consultation. 

Dig into some Great Equipment Specials at: http://prolinesystems.net

SEMA and NACE SHOW Special Pricing Ends November 22, 2013

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Spot Welders and Body Shop Wiring Issues


Spot welding is a major procedure a collision repair facility must utilize if they are to remain profitable and meet today’s high standard of repair, safety, ICAR and OEM standards.

This article is not to teach you about why you need a spot welder (this is very well established) but rather to offer you a proven alternative to a common problem many shops face when purchasing a high powered spot welding machine.

ICAR and automotive manufacturers are insisting that repairing today’s intensely complex automobiles require spot welding as the method of choice and for many relevant and important reasons.

So What Is The Most Common Issue?

Electrical Requirements!

Yep, that’s it… We have experienced many times, our customers not having the required 220 Volt  3 phase electrical service in their facility to properly operate one of these incredible power demanding awesome machines.

Several factors come into play when considering purchasing a 220 volt 3 phase spot welder. These are:

  • The transformer servicing the facility must closely match the rating of the welder.
  • The length of run from the electrical service and wire size must be factored in order to prevent a critical voltage drop which could compromise the weld quality and cause possible damage to the welder circuitry.
  • Circuit breakers must be of sufficient size as well as the receptacle and plug needing to be of heavy duty construction.
  • If you meet all these criteria Great! But if you don’t “You Have An Option” Continue Reading.

Some shops find themselves in a dilemma when it comes to having the proper wiring in their facility. Either they are fortunate to have good wiring to support these wonderful machines or in many cases do not.

So now what?

Spend thousands of dollars in rewiring the shop, transformers, breakers etc.etc. or don’t buy a spot welder at all. Not Good.  “So when you just have no other choice we offer an Option”

First and foremost you must have a spot welder!

If you are one of those shops that just can’t see investing huge amounts of money on re-wiring your facility or for any other reason standing in your way from having a spot welder, we have a valid option for you.

Your Valid Option Is…

The Hybrid Battery Operated Spot Welder

HWS pic

The AIM Hybrid Resistance Spot Welder System gives you the proven capabilities you need to succeed with impressive results on a simple 110V outlet… Reaching A Huge 10,000 Amps Of Welding Power

The AIM Hybrid battery powered spot welder system will enable you to have your cake and eat it too. Benefit from it’s serious spot welding capabilities on all new modern vehicles with just a Simple 110v 20 amp outlet. YES! You read that correctly…These outlets are all over your shop.
Product Description
 Double sided spot welder with (optional) single sided spot welding capabilities. This squeeze type resistance spot welder requires a simple 110V 20AMP power source. This battery powered spot welder has a Technician friendly light weight gun which provides easy maneuvering around auto body structures. See it in action in our video. 

Great Alternative When 3 Phase Power Is Not Available – The Batteries Power This Spot Welder

Features Include: •Combination Transformer/Battery •Direct Current Operation •10ft. Air Cooled Cables •Updated Digital Controls •Built in Tool Storage •Adjustable Tip Pressure w/up to 1000lbs of Force •Approved for Boron Steel Applications •Used in I-CAR Training

  • Four maintenance free batteries develop 10,000 Amps and an advanced charging system keeps batteries ready to go.


4 batteries-amazingSave an additional $2,000 on our Special Promotion 

Special offer Ends Aug 31, 2013   

Totally Affordable  

  Want to know why a spot welder will give you the quickest return on investment than any other equipment? Learn about all the benefits just let us know, our consultation is free and cheerfully given.

Call Us At:  305-793-9503

Visit Our Web Site for more information and Awesome deals


Final Note:

It’s not always easy to make decisions that require a major investment in your facility, but the fact remains you have little choice in keeping up with current repair technology. Resisting change can get you in serious trouble. You must follow recommended repair procedures and comply or you compromise your reputation and safety of those people you place back into the repaired vehicle you institution has performed collision repair on. We solve problems so give us a call.

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In the market for a new spot welder? The rewards are huge but that you probably already know because you are here.

Did you know that CompuSpot Welders offer the best value and highest rated power for the collision repair industry? From the new top of the line CompuSpot 900 Fusion in 208-230V   440-480V  configuration with up to 14,000 Amps or the 220 single phase CompuSpot 500 with power to surprise. The choice is clear, quality and value do exist when you go with a CompuSpot Spot Welder. Industry approvals and built to handle the extreme body shop environment , you owe it to yourself to look deeper into owning a CompuSpot welder.

Each welder comes with it’s own assortment of welding accessories and dent pulling capabilities with years of research and development ready to work hard for your profits. Also a Progressive Liquid Cooling System which goes all the way to the very welding tips.

Visit our website for more detail on the CompuSpot brand. Pro Line Systems Proudly exhibits the full line of these very capable welders at the best price right here:  http://prolinesystems.net

Click Each Photo It’s A Direct link To That Model At The Pro Line Systems Website

fusion_crop.bmp2CPS800HF(HauteResolution)_Reversecompuspot 525

       900 Fusion                                      800HF                          CompuSpot 525


Several other models are available to answer every requirement and budget.

We are available for consultation which is cheerfully given and encouraged. Call us at 305-793-9503   

Email:  sales@prolinesystems.net

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 Chrysler has recently announced a “Certified Collision Repair Facility Program”. Enrollment is now open.

This program allows dealers and independent collision repair facilities to meet the qualifications necessary to be recognized by Chrysler as a collision repair facility of choice for it’s Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Fiat, and Ram vehicle owners. This new certification process consists of more than 40 key business standards including:

  • Attaining and maintaining ICAR Gold Class Professional shop status
  • Owning and utilizing squeeze type resistance spot-welding equipment which duplicates the original assembly process
  • Utilizing Chrysler-approved refinish materials
  • Utilizing structural straightening equipment with three dimensional measurements

When repairs are completed with 100-percent OEM collision repair parts, a written Certificate of Authenticity will be created for the customers records. An update to the CARFAX vehicle report showing 100-percent OEM parts were used in the repair, and that Chrysler Recognized Certified Collision Repair Facility made the repairs.

There Is Nothing in the outline of the program that requires an enrolling shop to purchase a Spot Welder through the PSE Chrysler Dealer Equipment Program. So this will save you money and give you the choice of purchasing equipment You Want.

Therefore, Pro Line Systems International is offering special pricing on the following CompuSpot welders for Chrysler dealerships and independent shops enrolling in the program.

  • CompuSpot 700HF Inverter Liquid Cooled  Reg – 16,995 Certification Program Price – 15,975
  • CompuSpot 800HF Inverter Liquid Cooled       Reg – 19,995 Certification Program Price18,795
  • CompuSpot 900 Fusion “Smart Technology” Liquid Cooled  Reg – 24,995 Certification Program Price 23,495

All these CompuSpot models are priced well below any other welder for this special program and have the best design and functionality in their class.

Please direct your inquiries to Mr. Giulio Valle at Pro Line Systems International Inc. to discuss the purchase of equipment for your facility. 305-793-9503  WebSite:  http://prolinesystems.net

Here are Some Links To Get You Started: Each page has a place to download the brochure and Watch a VIDEO.


Click To Watch CompuSpot 900 Fusion Video Introduction

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CompuSpot 900 Fusion “Smart” Spot Welder

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