Car Moving Dollies with Universal Capabilities Eliminates Major shop Problems Moving Disabled Vehicles

The Titanium Car Wheel Dolly system is a universal mobile dead car dolly package that addresses the laborious task of moving immobile vehicles in automotive repair shop environments. Body shops can load vehicles on their frame machine with no wheels on the car.

Universal Dolly with Accessories
Titanium Universal Dolly

Easily mount the immobile vehicle in 4 ways with the full array of adapters you can chose the fastest and safest method no matter what condition the vehicle is in.

Wheels on or off there is complete versatility in mounting and getting that dead vehicle wherever it needs to go in the shop or parking lot Fast, Safe & Easy….

With a rating of 4000lbs for each dolly there is no problem moving the largest and heaviest passenger cars and trucks. No other car moving dolly offers these capabilities.

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Car Wheel Dolly car wheel dolly accessories

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DJS Car Dolly For Auto Body Shop “These Are The Best”

djs dollies

We have discoverd the Best Car Moving Dollies For Auto Body Repair Shops. The DJS Fabrications car dollies are of heavy duty construction and utilize patented 6 inch Polyurethane casters which are equiped with roller bearings and needle bearings at the axle of each caster wheel. Each caster on the DJS dolly is rated at 1000 lbs each giving an incredible 4000lbs weight capacity for each dolly. 6 inch casters make all the difference in any comparision to any other car moving dolly anywhere.

The DJS Fabrications dollies offer you options no other car moving dolly can therefore offering Fast set-up for movement of any vehicle in any condition – wheels on, wheels off, at the rocker pinchweld, and several other applications making these dollies the most versitile and universal product of it’s type. Once loaded you will be amazed at the ease of moving any dead vehicle with less labor and stress as you watch your employees move the vehicle with a smile on their face. These DJS dollies make moving immobile cars like they are sliding Ice. Combine these dollies with the Mobile Dolly Cart for a real organized highly productive system.

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The Best Car Moving System For Auto Body Shops