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We Now Have Quality Self Piercing Rivets
(Made In Germany)

Self Piercing Rivets are used in many automotive vehicle repair applications. Auto manufacturers are already producing many partial and full Aluminum body vehicles requiring several different types of rivets

See our SPR Rivets Here: http://prolinesystems.net/self-piercing-rivets-.html

Get ready, because several auto manufacturers such as BMW are now insisting using SPR Rivet Bonding even though the original panel was spot welded. The use of self piercing rivets will grow exponentially.

We have received many calls from customers that are finding it difficult in locating SPR Rivets. You now have a resource.

Pro Line Systems International Inc. now carries several sizes of the self piercing rivets you need to complete your aluminum panel replacements. Quality made in Germany and redilly available.

Here is the link to the Self Piercing Rivet page where you can place your order: http://prolinesystems.net/self-piercing-rivets-.html

AMH RG500 Self Piercing Rivet Gun

RG500 Rivet Gun


If you need an Amazing  Industrial Grade self piercing rivet gun system we have the very popular Compuspot RG500 SPR Deluxe System here:  http://prolinesystems.net/self-piercing-rivets-.html

It is our “Best Value On Stage Product” Click Photo to Learn More

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Now is the Opportunity of the year to equip your shop and become Aluminum repair compliant at the lowest cost.

We have partnered with AMH Canada to bring you the professional line of Aluminum Repair Dent Pulling Systems at prices that Amaze…  This is a Limited Time Promotion.  Don't Miss Out Transp

Click any photo to view the details of these Superior Systems

Coupon Discount Prices Starting at $3,175

Three Versions To Choose

Click Ad For More Details

Aluminum Special Discount 4

The AlumaTech Complete Aluminum Repair Work Station is your Turn-Key System Solution that has Everything you need to perform proper Aluminum Repairs and Increase your Profits.

Aluminum Repair Workstation

AMH Alumatech Aluminum Repair Center











The Exclusive Composite Weight Adjustable Hammer & Dolly Kit is included and will never contaminate Aluminum panels EVER!

Aluminum Hammer Dolly Kit 2016

To see all the details of the three options click on any photo

Visit Our Website at  http://prolinesystems.net

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Contact Us For Free Consultation 14-year-celebration


Our 14th Year

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Collision repair shops across the USA and Worldwide are gearing up with equipment and training in order to be qualified to repair the vast amount of new aluminum intensive vehicles that are pouring into auto body shops at a very quick pace.

The decision to equip a shop for aluminum repair capabilities is no longer a choice, but a necessity. To stay in the game of automotive collision repair, shop owners have little choice but to flow with the demands of the ever-increasing technological evolution of the modern automobile.

Setting up a shop for aluminum repair does not need to break the bank!

Pro Line Systems International Inc. is proud to present the AMH RG500 Self Piercing Rivet Gun

AMH RG500 Self Piercing Rivet Gun

RG500 Rivet Gun

We Make Your Choice Simple… And Economical…   AMH Canada introduces a better concept in a Self Piercing Rivet Gun. The RG500 Self Piercing Rivet Gun brings new meaning to Quality and Value. It is a well thought engineered product design from a well established name in the automotive collision repair equipment Industry.

Designed to be strong and efficient the RG500 self piercing rivet gun operates on pneumatic / hydraulic principles which produce a consistent adjustable pressure throughout the entire repair process therefore eliminating battery performance issues inherent in battery operated guns. Also, less parts to wear out and built to last…

Get all the facts and specifications of this new high performance tool that will make your aluminum repairs quick, easy and inexpensively. You will be amazed at the introductory price and specifications that make the RG500 the Category leader in Self Piercing Rivet Guns.

Click Here To Visit Our RG500 Web Page

For more information please call Pro Line Systems International Inc. 305-793-9503


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Latest News

Latest News

Pro Line Systems Presents The AlumAtech Aluminum Workstation

2014 and the talk of the collision repair town is Aluminum, Aluminum, Aluminum…

Collision Repairers around the world are gearing up to tackle the implementation of more and more Aluminum now being used in the construction of today’s modern automobiles.

Repairing Aluminum is quite different than steel and requires new training, tools and lots of practice and patience on the part of the technician.

Collision repairers will have no choice but to adapt and conform to new standards and procedures along with outfitting their facilities with dedicated equipment if they intend to stay profitable.

Pro Line Systems International, specializes in bringing quality tools and education to the auto body repair industry by providing the best value products manufactured by Solid well known equipment manufacturers from around the world.

Aluminum Repair Workstation

AMH Alumatech Aluminum Repair Center

The AMH AlumAtech Reformation Aluminum Repair Center is a prime example of the new offering we have to help our clients achieve the highest standards of aluminum repairs at the best value in the industry.

The Alumatech aluminum workstation is the all inclusive system that contains everything a shop needs to correctly and efficiently perform aluminum panel repairs.

You Get All This

Alumatech Accessories

Alumatec Accessories Included

At the heart of the system is the professional 180AL Aluminum Dent Puller with 110V or 230Vac capabilities. This is the Best Value in the industry.

To learn More about the Alumatech Aluminum Repair Workstation Go Here:button19


For a complete description, pricing and free consultation of the AMH Alumatech Reformation Center please call 305-793-9503

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Spot Welders and Body Shop Wiring Issues


Spot welding is a major procedure a collision repair facility must utilize if they are to remain profitable and meet today’s high standard of repair, safety, ICAR and OEM standards.

This article is not to teach you about why you need a spot welder (this is very well established) but rather to offer you a proven alternative to a common problem many shops face when purchasing a high powered spot welding machine.

ICAR and automotive manufacturers are insisting that repairing today’s intensely complex automobiles require spot welding as the method of choice and for many relevant and important reasons.

So What Is The Most Common Issue?

Electrical Requirements!

Yep, that’s it… We have experienced many times, our customers not having the required 220 Volt  3 phase electrical service in their facility to properly operate one of these incredible power demanding awesome machines.

Several factors come into play when considering purchasing a 220 volt 3 phase spot welder. These are:

  • The transformer servicing the facility must closely match the rating of the welder.
  • The length of run from the electrical service and wire size must be factored in order to prevent a critical voltage drop which could compromise the weld quality and cause possible damage to the welder circuitry.
  • Circuit breakers must be of sufficient size as well as the receptacle and plug needing to be of heavy duty construction.
  • If you meet all these criteria Great! But if you don’t “You Have An Option” Continue Reading.

Some shops find themselves in a dilemma when it comes to having the proper wiring in their facility. Either they are fortunate to have good wiring to support these wonderful machines or in many cases do not.

So now what?

Spend thousands of dollars in rewiring the shop, transformers, breakers etc.etc. or don’t buy a spot welder at all. Not Good.  “So when you just have no other choice we offer an Option”

First and foremost you must have a spot welder!

If you are one of those shops that just can’t see investing huge amounts of money on re-wiring your facility or for any other reason standing in your way from having a spot welder, we have a valid option for you.

Your Valid Option Is…

The Hybrid Battery Operated Spot Welder

HWS pic

The AIM Hybrid Resistance Spot Welder System gives you the proven capabilities you need to succeed with impressive results on a simple 110V outlet… Reaching A Huge 10,000 Amps Of Welding Power

The AIM Hybrid battery powered spot welder system will enable you to have your cake and eat it too. Benefit from it’s serious spot welding capabilities on all new modern vehicles with just a Simple 110v 20 amp outlet. YES! You read that correctly…These outlets are all over your shop.
Product Description
 Double sided spot welder with (optional) single sided spot welding capabilities. This squeeze type resistance spot welder requires a simple 110V 20AMP power source. This battery powered spot welder has a Technician friendly light weight gun which provides easy maneuvering around auto body structures. See it in action in our video. 

Great Alternative When 3 Phase Power Is Not Available – The Batteries Power This Spot Welder

Features Include: •Combination Transformer/Battery •Direct Current Operation •10ft. Air Cooled Cables •Updated Digital Controls •Built in Tool Storage •Adjustable Tip Pressure w/up to 1000lbs of Force •Approved for Boron Steel Applications •Used in I-CAR Training

  • Four maintenance free batteries develop 10,000 Amps and an advanced charging system keeps batteries ready to go.


4 batteries-amazingSave an additional $2,000 on our Special Promotion 

Special offer Ends Aug 31, 2013   

Totally Affordable  

  Want to know why a spot welder will give you the quickest return on investment than any other equipment? Learn about all the benefits just let us know, our consultation is free and cheerfully given.

Call Us At:  305-793-9503

Visit Our Web Site for more information and Awesome deals


Final Note:

It’s not always easy to make decisions that require a major investment in your facility, but the fact remains you have little choice in keeping up with current repair technology. Resisting change can get you in serious trouble. You must follow recommended repair procedures and comply or you compromise your reputation and safety of those people you place back into the repaired vehicle you institution has performed collision repair on. We solve problems so give us a call.

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