EZ Frame Clamp Truck Holding System


Pulling truck frames has been going on for as long as trucks have been around. Over the years several products of various degrees of practicality have been implemented to ease the difficult tasks of tough full frame straightening.

At best, many of the attempts of by manufacturers catering to the collision repair equipment market have been costly, time-consuming, aggravating and expensive attempts which amounted to products not much better than the old method of using wood blocks and chains.

EZ Clamp
EZ Clamp On Chief Stand


Enter the EZ Frame Clamp System. Regarded as the “Best Engineered Full Frame Clamping System Ever”.

The best testimony of a product is always from the end-user level and the EZ Frame Clamp System bursts with astounding customer approvals.

Now collision shops can set up a truck in practically as long as it takes to set up a Uni-body vehicle.

The EZ Frame Clamp Kit is designed to evolve with the changing dynamics of vehicle design material build. You gain a distinct advantage of purchasing a system immune to obsolescence.

  • Built To Last with high tensile strength  steel
    • Four Two arm clamping system for tight clearance and versatility
    • Collar with tie-down ratchet strap
    • Accessory rolling cart for convenience and organization.
    • Four EZ Clamps designed to work with any frame machine
    • Special Car-O-Liner adapters save you thousands
    • Optional Ford F-150 Clamp Adapters enable repairs without cab removal
    • Best Of All / Totally Made In The USA
    • To learn more visit Pro Line Systems International Inc

Visit Pro Line Systems International to learn more about the EZ Frame Clamp System

EZ Clamp Cart
The EZ Frame Clamp Systems comes complete with roller cart for organization
f-150 adapter
Easy Repairs On Ford F-150 Without Cab Removal with Optional Adapters. Very Slick!
Pro Line Systems 10 Year Anniversary with Big Savings
our 10 year anniversary
Pro Line Systems 10 Year Anniversary with Big Savings

For more information and our Special Anniversary Pricing for the EZ Frame Clamp System contact us at
Pro Line Systems International Inc. at  305-793-9503


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