Collision Repair Industry Outlook 2012

Now that the 1st qtr of 2012 has passed, what are your thoughts about your body shop business? Did you see an improvement over 2011 1st qtr? Did your business stay the same, improve, or did it do worse?

Have you achieved any success by implementing a strategy that could help other shop owners around the country? Some shops have made serious changes with varying results, share your story with the rest of the collision repair community and post your comment.

2 Replies to “Collision Repair Industry Outlook 2012”

  1. Windsor was founded in eadly 1996 with the drsire tto make available world class after-market Parts thatt
    are produced in India. Therefore, improving the die life is a complicated systematic project,
    the neded for longer term development. Pushing system
    integration down to a vendor is prticularly important when time is at
    a premium, there are specialized aapplication needs, oor
    internal personnel do not have in-depth experience on the type of system required.

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